Due to the privileged location of the rural complex Cal Soldat, situated at 800 meters high, offers to the lovers of nature and silence a privileged place where it is possible to enjoy the panorama of Cellars Lake and the whole” Conca of Tremp “ Once in Cal Soldat, you can enjoy days of rest and peace and at the same time realize sports and cultural activities:
Visit the astronomical.Montsec park
To practice sky one hour from cal Soldat
Hiking, caving.
To practice Water activities on Cellars lake and in san Antonio Dam.
Going for a walk through the Mont-rebei Congost.
Discover the eggs. And footprint dinosaur deposits
Visit the border castles, Romanesque churches without forgetting the magnificent paintings of the Romanesque monastery of Santa Maria de Mur, just 15 minutes from Cal Soldat.
Having dinner in the nearby restaurants
Wine cellars trails with wine tasting.
BTT routes
You can also consult the program – accommodation and activities.
– Visits to different deposits of eggs and tracks dinosaur
In different areas of the Conca of Tremp you can visit the sites of footprints and eggs of dinosaurs from 65 millions years ago , when the Conca was a plain opened to the Atlantic ocean and the Pyrenees had not yet emerged..


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