We invite you on a journey of unique experiences as you discover the best our region has to offer. A pleasure for the senses. 43 wineries, 7 landscapes and mosaics of colours, each completely different from the next, with vines planted at altitudes from 200 metres up to more than 1000 in the Pyrenees, resulting in truly amazing wines thanks to the huge temperature range. More than 70 companies, including restaurants, hotels, and tourism activity firms committed to astounding you and making your time with us an experience to talk about and remember.

Get ready to spend a few days open-mouthed: sampling completely different wines, yelling out as you head down our mountain gullies and tracks by bike, enjoying our fantastic cuisine, marvelling at our imposing Old Cathedral, flying over our vineyards in a light aircraft, taking in a concert staged at a winery, breakfasting among vineyards and witnessing how generous Mother Nature has been with our region.


Viatjant per la Ruta del Vi de Lleida, faràs el que mai has fet, viuràs a Lleida el que mai has viscut.

Et presentem un viatge pels sentits, ple d’experiències de les moltes que t’hem preparat a la Ruta del Vi de Lleida. Segella 6 d’aquestes experiències durant els propers 6 mesos* i envia’ns el comprovant a la ruta del Vi de Lleida per Correu postal. Et farem arribar un lot de vins de la D.O. Costers del Segre.

*A comptar des de la data de la primera experiència segellada.

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